How to distinguish between the true and false of Canada Goose

Canada Goose (Canada Goose) (also known as Big Goose or CG) started in 1957 is the warmest down jacket brand. Now there are accessories such as hats and gloves. The original design of CG was intended to be in the arctic zone. People working outdoors provide reliable warm equipment. The outstanding thermal performance of Canada Goose down jacket is well known in European and American countries. Even in the cold regions of -30 degrees Celsius, such as the north and south polar regions, the warmth and comfort can be maintained. The documentary “National Treasure” and the North and South Science Examination Team of the United States and other countries are Select Canada Goose as a cold gear. In recent years, Canada Goose down jacket has gradually attracted attention in China. There are various types of counterfeit imitation goods on the Internet and the price is not low. The patriotic pigs have put together some CG true and false identification methods for your reference.

First, can Canada Goose “Canada Goose” have original orders? Is there any fake abroad?

An important reason the replica canada goose is called Canada Goose is that Canada Goose is only produced in Canada. Canada Goose down jackets so far only two factories are in Canada, and will not be produced and processed in other countries. Since there is no Chinese OEM, then the so-called Canada Goose originals on the Internet are naturally fake. What the original manufacturer is talking about is nonsense.

Canada Goose “Canada Goose” as a down jacket’s “expensive”, even in the United States and Europe after the average price of more than 800 US dollars after the price is not an ordinary person can afford to use. There are also many fakes in Canada Goose down jackets abroad, as evidenced by the large number of counterfeit CG English sales websites that can be found on Google.

Second, what is the range of authentic replica canada goose jackets “Canada Goose” prices?

Canada Goose down jacket is now mainly red, black standard (limited sales, full goose down filling, slim Slim version, leading label with Branta trademark, take the urban fashion route); white label (classic Canada goose series, warmth first, The style is thick and strong, strong and durable, some of the models are filled with a certain percentage of duck down), maple leaves. Among them, the red label and the black label CG are high-end series that have been on the market for less than a decade. The coat price is more than 1,500 US dollars, and some limited editions are even more expensive. Due to the goose down that Canada Goose and Feather takes, it is necessary to take it manually when the goose is naturally depilated. This is difficult and costly. It is produced in Canada and Hungary, two of the best goose down areas in the world. The price of Canada Goose down jacket is rarely discounted, even if the sales off-season discount is also more than 10% off. For example, the relatively low price of the Parka series, the discount price is more than 500 US dollars, converted into more than 3000 yuan, so we encountered the price of about 1000 Canada Goose Canada geese, whether it is the United States or generation of generation is false of.

Third, what are the sales channels for canada goose?

Canada Goose’s only official website is, which provides style drawings and seller information but does not sell it externally. Everybody Baidu or other Google searchable websites that pretend to be Canada Goose’s official website are fake. As an outdoor niche brand, Canada Goose is not easy to buy abroad, only sold in some high-end stores such as Lane Crawford. In addition to traveling abroad or being accompanied by friends and relatives, , a reliable purchasing service . , Shanghai, Chengdu, and Hong Kong’s two outdoor brand agents).

Fourth, how to identify the authenticity of Canada Goose down jacket details
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Due to the large size of fake canada goose jacket, many people will be resold as secondhand. There is also Canada Goose, which is purchased for purchasing or other unreliable Haitao, and patriotic pigs suggest that you carefully compare the following details to confirm whether it is genuine Canada Goose.

Detail of authentic Canada Goose Canada Goose

1, authentic Canada Goose Canada Goose’s clothes fabric is crisp, if the fabric of the new clothes is easy to wrinkle, it must be fake.

Comparison of true and false Canada Goose Canada Goose’s fur collar

2, the authentic Canada Goose Canada Goose dress hair collar is coyote hair (a small number of Arctic fox fur, all parts of the high-grade materials are CG prices are high reasons), the color is gray with a little brown, high fluffy (note A small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon; fake CG’s fur collar side uses artificial hair with low fluffiness, or dog hair and raccoon hair instead. The comparison between true and false is as shown in the above figure. Left false right is true.

3, Canada Goose Canada geese all use genuine YKK zippers. YKK zipper identification can refer to YKK zipper true and false identification method.

Comparison of Embroidery Symbols of Canada Goose Canada Goose

4, true and false Canada Goose Canada Goose embroidered standard contrast as shown above, left false right. There are significant differences in the embroidery fineness of the maple leaf shape and brand letters. Note: 1. The jagged edges of the maple leaves are clear and refined, with no obvious connection; 2. The letter fonts are structured and clear, especially letters such as G/E; many fake goods have large letters and the format is irregular; 3. Registered trademarks ® logo, that is, the letter R in the circle should be clearly identifiable; 4, the sun rays in the center of the logo should be clear and straight, and have a certain length; 5, the texture of the white part of the texture is fine, many fakes are obviously texture Sparse.

Genuine Canadian goose feather armband detail

The figure above shows the embroidered details of the other two authentic Canadian goose down jackets, similar to the Goulge Rooster Embroidery of Mongolian down jackets. Although the details of each item are not exactly the same, the overall craft level and some details are the same.

Canada Goose Down Jacket Collar Detail

5, the details of the lead collar of the authentic Canadian goose down jacket are shown above. Note that the texture of the white embroidering mark should be tight; the red maple leaf is upright; the font of the embroidered letter is not a regular font, such as the letter R in the ARCTIC PROGTAM below, and the last one is markedly curved.

How to wash down jacket

First, there are obvious stains on the replica canada goose jackets and the overall dirty can be used as an overall cleaning method:
1. Keep your clothes dry. Apply down jacket cleaning solution directly to the stains. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. (If the stains are serious, use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the stains, or gently clean the stains with a clean towel.) (eg, down coat There are no obvious stains, but step 2) can be performed directly;
2, the down jacket into a plus down jacket cleaning fluid (in addition to pre-coated laundry detergent dosage) of water, gently kneading;
Image result for 羽绒服3. After the stain is removed, rinse the clothes thoroughly with clean water and dry in a ventilated place.

Note: After the fake canada goose jacket is washed well, it should not be wrung out and the water should be squeezed out; the back of the down jacket should be tiled or placed in a net bag to drain, and when not dripping, it should be put on the ventilated place to dry on the opposite side of the ventilated area, and it should not be exposed to sunlight or drying; At the same time, it can be gently tapped with hand or small stick to restore the natural fluffy state of the down, and it is also conducive to thoroughly dry the filling to prevent moldy; Finally, it will be completely dry down and wrapped in breathable finishing bag, stored in aeration It can be in a dry wardrobe.

Second, the local dirty down jacket can take a partial cleaning method:
1. Keep your clothes dry. Apply the down jacket cleaning solution directly to the stains. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. (If the stains are serious, use a soft brush to brush the stains back and forth, or gently clean the stains with a clean towel);
2. After the stain is removed, use a clean towel to dip clean water, wipe the place where there is a solution of laundry solution, and then rinse the place where the laundry liquid is stained with clean water to completely remove the residual liquid of laundry detergent;
3. After the jacket is cleaned, put it in a ventilated place to dry.